Some of the many community leaders and educators….

“As a citizen of Howard County, I fully support Sabina Taj for Board of Education. She will bring a national perspective on education, a commitment to equity, an understanding of diversity and the analytical skills to make informed decisions. She will work hard for the students and educators of HCPSS and, as a parent herself, will be responsive to the voice of parents and community members. I urge everyone to vote for Sabina Taj in the primary.” – Bess Altwerger‎

“Wholeheartedly, without any reservation, my Number One choice for Howard County Board of Education is Sabina Taj” – Opel Jones, Professor of Mathematics at American University



“As the parents of three children that will be educated in the Howard County public school system, we are extremely invested in making sure that the people serving on the school board are experienced, open-minded, intelligent, passionate, goal oriented individuals that are sensitive to the needs of a diverse community reflective of all the residents of Howard County. Sabina Taj embodies those qualities; she is multilingual, has worked in education for over a decade, and has been at the forefront of nationwide initiatives focused on school reform. She is committed to creating the best possible environment for the children of Howard County.” – Dr. Carissa Gibson & Rich Gibson

“I wholeheartedly endorse my friend Sabina Taj for Howard County Board of Education. As the mother of three Howard County Public School graduates and as a graduate of Atholton High School, I know why good schools are important and that a good education opens the door for all children. As a longtime Howard County education activist and former Board of Education Chairperson, I strongly believe that Sabina’s voice and experience will be an important addition to the Board of Ed at this time.” – Courtney Watson

“I’m pleased to endorse Sabina Taj for Howard County Board of Education. I’ve known Sabina for many years and over these years have come to appreciate how much our values align. She believes in equity in the truest sense of the word and promotes inclusion every chance she gets. Sabina would bring to the role a love of Howard County, where she has deep connections to the community, combined with a unique perspective on what works in public education around the country. Sabina is smart yet humble, passionate yet data driven, a good listener and a good person to have working on your behalf. Howard County would be lucky to have her on the Board of Education.” – Candace Dodson Reed – Founder, African American Community Roundtable and Co-host of Elevate Maryland podcast

“I support Sabina Taj for Board of Education because she has the experience, commitment, and vision to lead our school system into the future and give every kid the chance to succeed. Sabina will be an advocate for our educators and with her leadership, I know the school system I’m fortunate to have graduated from will continue to nurture and inspire children to realize their potential and fulfill their dreams.” – Byron Macfarlane

“I fully support Sabina Taj for Board of Education. Sabina is an advocate for public education and has connections to the community. Howard County would benefit from her perspective on the Board of Education.” – Jennifer Jones, Wilde Lake High School graduate, Attorney, Community Activist

“I’m proud to be a long-time friend of Sabina’s, a former colleague of hers in the field of philanthropy, her Treasurer for this campaign, and a strong supporter of hers in general for the Board of Education. As a mom of four kids, I’ve been a parent in Howard County public schools for a long time – over 20 years and counting – and as a parent, I think Sabina’s voice would be a strong and complimentary addition to the Board of Education … one that will focus on working together – with the community, educators, parents, and children – and will listen to the voices of all stakeholders – all of us.” – Buffy Beaudoin-Schwartz

“As your State Delegate, my priorities include great schools, educational opportunity for all, safe and inclusive communities that nurture creativity and industry. One candidate I know will champion these values on Howard County’s Board of Education is Sabina Taj. I strongly endorse Sabina Taj for Board of Education.” – TERRI L. HILL, M.D., Democrat, District 12

“As an educator, I have had opportunities to work with Sabina Taj and to see for myself her committed, passionate, humanistic, and creative approach to education. As a parent, what I know for sure is that I want people like Sabina to bring these strengths and this level of experience to the deeply important work of shaping our school system.” – Tara Hart

“In these challenging times, we need our best minds working on behalf of our children, and our schools. That is why I support Sabina Taj for the Howard County Board of Education. She possesses the real-world educational background to be a strong and effective advocate for our students. Her service on the Operating Budget Review Committee gives her valuable insights on funding priorities and how the budget can best promote educational excellence. With four open seats on the Board this year, her expertise is precisely what our county needs. I am delighted to endorse Sabina Taj for the Howard County Board of Education and I hope all of my friends vote for Taj in the upcoming June Primary Election.” – Jason Booms