Redistricting & HS#14 in Elkridge.

Redistricting to alleviate overcrowded schools seems like a necessary course of action. Though Dr. Martirano has taken temporary steps to alleviate overcrowding, a long-term solution is needed and redistricting will likely be part of it. Noting this, the most effective, least disruptive way to address overcrowding is to build more schools. Now that a site has been chosen for high school #13, the Board should set its sights on getting the school built while expediting the selection of a site in Elkridge for high school #14. Simultaneously, the Board should seek to learn about efforts that have worked in other parts of the country to address overcrowding. For example, we might consider developing specialized academies in schools with excess capacity—e.g., around STEM, the arts, or coding—to draw interested students from overcrowded schools. I would also advocate for the Board to conduct a community-wide survey of parents to assess the extent to which solutions identified by the Board are likely to be embraced by the community.